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Urgent Care Locations in Morehead City, NC

For the Best Urgent Care Treatment Visit Beachcare Urgent & Family & Care.Book an Appointment Online or Simply Walk-in. We Are Located at 5059 Hwy 70 W, Morehead City, NC 28557.

Urgent Care Locations in Morehead City, NC

If you’ve ever been to the emergency room for an injury or illness, you know firsthand just how long the wait is. The frustration doesn’t end there either. After your ER visit, you receive the bill, which makes the experience even worse. However, a majority of your concerns may be handled by BeachCare Urgent and Family Medical Center, serving Morehead City. NC and beyond. Our urgent care is available to help those who sustain an injury or experience an illness.

Types of Injuries We Handle

Frequently, we see people who had an accident at work or another personal injury. We take care of patients who come into our office with sprains, strains, and fractures. In addition, we cleanse and apply dressings to cuts and other open wounds. For deeper or wider wounds, we’re able to stitch or staple.
We also treat bug bites and bee stings. We often see people who have foreign bodies in them like fishing hooks. With being located so close to the water, patients come to us with bites and strings from animals such as stingrays, oysters, and jellyfish.

Illnesses We Treat

At our office, we assist people in managing their symptoms of viral infections. On the other hand, we prescribe antibiotics to help those who have bacterial infections. Our staff takes care of patients who have a headache or sore throat, even if it’s not associated with an infection. We help those who have pink eye relieve their discomfort and prevent it from spreading to others. We treat rashes like poison ivy and allergic reactions.

Treatments We Can Provide

The first step of our treatment process is to examine you and discuss your symptoms. From this information, we’re often able to diagnose your condition. If we can’t, we offer on-site diagnostics to further assist. This may include us using some type of imaging or obtaining a blood sample.

Once we diagnose your condition, we may use one of several types of treatments to help you. For instance, we use braces and casts to correct sprains, strains, and fractures. We recommend at home measurements you can utilize to ease your discomfort.

For illnesses, we may give you ways to manage your symptoms if it’s not treatable. For bacterial infections, we prescribe antibiotics. Pink eye, for example, is only curable if it’s bacterial, so we may only prescribe eye drops to make you more comfortable. We’ll educate you on how to care for your eyes to prevent further problems and recontaminate yourself. If you’re suffering from dehydration – whether from the flu or another reason – we connect you to IV hydration to prevent complications.

Unlike many urgent care facilities, we have an EKG machine. Our 12-lead EKG is able to see the electrical conductivity of your heart, which helps us diagnose serious health issues.

Why Choose Us

We offer convenient hours outside of most primary care physicians’ offices. You don’t have to sit in our waiting room for possibly hours before seeing a physician. We strive to get you in to see a physician as soon as possible because we don’t want you to have to suffer any longer than you have to. Our staff is always friendly and ready to assist in any way we can. We treat a wide range of problems including bites from marine animals.

Schedule an appointment – or just walk in – with BeachCare Urgent and Family Medical Center, serving Morehead City, NC and the general vicinity, by calling 252-207-0626.